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How to Lose Weight – Breaking the Mental Barrier

‘How to lose weight’ is perhaps the most searched topics on the internet. More curiously, the study of human behavior surrounding the gap between the year for it and an actualization of it is also a fascinating subject in itself and yet not so well researched.

But it may not be so difficult to decode the mystery and once understood it may lead to higher success in your pursuance to lose weight. Let’s begin by understanding what does weight-loss bring about? The answer is a fine fit body. And why is that so desirable? Come to think of it, besides the resulting appropriateness of the body shape, does it also not convey a sense of discipline, well-being, balance, awareness and activity? In some curious way these five virtues are not only the ingredients but also the rewards of a fit body thereby completing the circle of lifestyle if not life itself.

But all these ingredients have to be put through some process to finally make that beautiful dish. How do you start then? Here is a beginner's guide to get the ball rolling to break that mental barrier that often sets in after the year to lose weight has come about.


  1. Do I need it? -

You can be stuck with this question forever but if you are needing any 3 of those 5 rewards in your life then order those pair of shoes without any delay.

  1. Start dressing up

One of the easiest ways to get into a routine is to start moving out in an appropriate sportswear attire. Get yourself a great pair of jogging shoes, pairs of shorts, some T-Shirts from a known sports brand and just start moving around wearing them for a few days, say for buying groceries. Get yourself used to wearing them and let people know that you are getting in the groove. It will give you that confidence to break the mental barrier and allow others to gain acceptance of your about to be happen change in lifestyle.

  1. Where do I start?

Home is where the Heart is as Elvis sung it. So, start at home. Just wear those shoes and begin with some school PT exercises or spot jogging in your balcony or even in your bedroom. Give yourself a number to do. Say 20 reps of spot jogging. Just by achieving incremental small targets and reaching a count of 50 reps itself will give you that basic confidence and a sense of achievement. Remember it’s ok if you can't make it to a 100 yet. But you know now it will come about quickly.

  1. Make subtle additions to your diet

You needn't make that drastic gastronomical transition as yet. Don't make it impossible for yourself. Small additions like a glass of Lemon Water early morning to start your day or a cup of Green Tea or Green Coffee in between meals at office instead of a regular milk tea or coffee will help build the traction mentally and convey to your peers that you are changing course. Besides it will give you a rich dose of antioxidants and increased metabolism.

  1. Measure It Up

Buy a step counting watch. Don't rely on the mobile phone step counter. Wear the watch at office or at home. It will keep you ticking literally. It also tells people that things are changing and they may make inquiries about the watch or the need for it. It will give you an instant approval of your changed lifestyle.


If one follows these little steps you can count on a manifold increase in your chances to be finally be on your journey to lose weight. You have got that initial escape velocity now. Fire the second stage rocket. No matter what we say there is an approval we seek from our friends and peers and often getting it silently is louder to the ears than otherwise. These little changes can help build your confidence towards your weight loss journey. Remember you cannot move towards your goal without taking that first step. Make light work of it!