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GoSocial Hand Sanitiser (100ML Fine Mist Spray Bottle) - Pack of 6/8/12

1. Keep Away from Direct Sunlight 2. 80% Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer 3. Certified WHO Recommended Formula 4. Contains Hydrogen Peroxide 5. Kills germs upto 99.9% 6. Refreshing Lemon Fragrance...
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 280.00
3-Ply Masks30% Collection

3 Ply Surgical Mask (Melt Blown Fuse) - Pack of 50

Item type- Lint Free Material Brand name- Gosocial healthcare Description - 3 Layers of Protection - These disposable masks are made of 3 layers of high-quality non-woven fabric. They are...
Rs. 500.00 Rs. 350.00

Cotton Mask (5-Layer) ZOOM 360 Black - Pack of 1

1. An extremely lightweight mask with mesh makes breathing comfortable. 2. 5 layer filtration system with BFE Tested >96% 3. Outer Layer is a Mesh (220-250 gsm, 6-16 hole/sq inch )...
Rs. 199.00

GoSocial Healthkit Back to Work- IVORY BLUE

1. Complete All Round Personal Care & Protection from Germs & Microbes 2. Get Protective Barriers of a 5 Layer Cotton Mask, Toilet Seat Covers, PU Coated Hand-Gloves 3. Kill...
Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 1,100.00
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All Cares 12L Oxygen Can - Pack of 1

First aid Assistance: All-Care OXYZONE Oxygen Portable Canister helps in breathlessness during sudden shock, jerk , suffocation and choking. It is also very helpful in acute symptoms of COVID, COPD and...
Rs. 700.00

Just Human 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer - 50ml (Pack of 2 / Pack of 4)

Just-50-PC-2 & Just-50-PC-4 As we reintroduce ourselves to the world out there, we must not forget that safety has always been, and should always be our absolute priority. Hand hygiene is...
Rs. 350.00 Rs. 340.00

GoSocial Home Self Isolation-Healthkit (Basic Pack)

GoSocial Home Self Isolation HealthKit (Basic) The Special Home Isolation Kit has been thoughtfully put together to help the self isolated patients of COVID-19 manage their recoveries with high level...
Rs. 1,299.00
ALL COVID CAREAnti-Bacterial Wipes

GoSocial Anti-Bacterial Wipes - Pack of 3,5,10,20,50 Packets (10 Wipes per Packet)

1. Contains Medical Alcohol 2. Non-Drying packing in sachets of each wipe. 3. Easy to carry 4. Refreshing Lemon Fragrance 5. Large spread that sanitises any surface in seconds. 6. Quick...
Rs. 180.00 Rs. 165.00

SuAyu ImmuneAid Syrup - 200ml (Pack of 1, 2 & 4)

SuAyu has brought ImmuneAid syrup which helps strengthen immunity. A healthy immune system fights many pathogens & keeps us protected from many diseases. ImmuneAid, a formulation fortified with immunity enhancing...
Rs. 150.00 Rs. 140.00
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SuAyu BreatheAid Cough Syrup- 100ml

SuAyu’s BreathAid cough syrup is an innovative product helpful in both productive and dry cough and common cold with quick action. BreathAid syrup is Honey based formulation enriched with Tulsi,...
Rs. 99.00
ALL COVID CAREBest selling products

IYURAA Multipurpose Surface Sanitizer Spray 250ml - Pack of 1, 2 & 4 Spray Cans

1. Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray. 2. It contains 72.8% alcohol and can kill a broad range of germs, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 3. Keeps your home/office safe by disinfecting surroundings....
Rs. 250.00 Rs. 240.00
30% CollectionALL COVID CARE

U-SPRAY Toilet Seat Sanitizer 50ML - Pack of 3, 6, 8, 12

Toilet seat sanitizer and deodorizer spray with a pleasant fragrance Protects against germs and bacteria Reduces the risk of bathroom borne diseases like diarrhoea and urinary tract infection (uti) Travel-friendly,...
Rs. 297.00 Rs. 270.00